The Still - The Matriarch of Pienaar & Son

Meet the Matriarch of Pienaar & Son. 👋

No name, but we pretty sure she’s female…

At 7 years old, she is the Drunk Scientist's eldest child. Years back, Andre moved away from making moonshine in his copper pot and this shiny continuous columned beast (created by Andre's father) was born.

Nothing like it had quite existed before.

“We knew that in order to get what we wanted, we'd have to make it ourselves. So thats exactly what we did. From scratch.”

She currently lives off a strict high-carb diet of African Maize 🌽 and in her mega shiny stainless-steel suit, she's pretty hard to miss as you walk into the distillery. And we like it that way :)

She's seen a fair amount in her life thus far. Two homes. Siblings of the furry and human sort. Many experiments. Even a global pandemic. She's created Vodka, Whisky and some damn potent hand sanitiser too.

Twice a week, Andre and Stanford conduct the orchestra of the distilling process. Each carefully playing their role to ensure things run smoothly and the distillery doesn't go boom. 🎶


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